Your Story

In the words of David Walsh, author, “Whoever Tells the Stories Defines the Culture”.


I also like to say “Whoever Tells the Story, Controls the Narrative.”

So who are you letting tell your story? Who is telling your community story?

It is essential for us to share our stories, and to speak our stories instead of letting others tell their interpretation of it. We share our life lessons, knowledge, traditions, and even our humor through our stories. If our ancestors did not share stories, some of us may not be here today.¬†Most of all, share your story, because it matters, you matter, and no one can tell it the way you can…

The Powerful Reason You Should Tell Your Story

Today’s post is going to be a little different. Instead of focusing on the mechanics of writing, I’m going to dive into something more important: you need to tell your story. Here’s why. For a lot of us, this has been a rough year, a tiring year, a painful year.

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