Digital Storytelling Training

We are all natural born storytellers, we do it all the time when we show our friends and family something we saw or did that day, or when we come home and a family member asks “how was your day?” Then we start that our day went this or that way and we may get a little excited about something that happened during the day! Before we know it, we’ve shared a story of our day!

Digital storytelling (DS), is a first-person story combined with technology (usually free software) to put together a 2-3 minute movie. DS is a snapshot, a moment that was important to you and usually involves something that has changed – it is a captured moment that we put in a movie format and share with others. DS is usually taught in a 3-day workshop. The costs are dependent upon the number of facilitators and participants per workshop.

ELearning Design & Development

Title Slide of Example of WorkOur media-rich and interactive courses provide a learning experience that is NOT just your ordinary online learning! We are able to design and develop your online work development courses using Storyline, Moodle, PhotoShop, VideoPad, PowerPoint, videos, and stories.  To see a sample of the type of courses we have developed, please contact us to get login information to view one of our courses we developed.