Reflecting on Another Year Around the Sun

I think we need to honor ourselves and take a moment to reflect each year on our birthdays what we have learned, and maybe use some of that knowledge as our foundation to build for the following year…

December 15th Birthday Wisdom

My Lauraism for the day: “Story On”

I’m now at the “Elder-in-Training with Wheels” status. To reach this far is somewhat a miracle with the life I had 😀 I’ve been around the block a time or two or three or four 😉 and I’m good with it. So what have I learned so far in life?

  1. You cannot help everyone but you can help one person more than yesterday.
  2. YOU are responsible for your choices – just the way it is folks, so play nice.
  3. It is ok to be different; embrace it, honor it, run with it!
  4. Being serious all the time is seriously overrated so have fun! Laugh! Play! Create!
  5. You’re never done learning. Learning expands your horizons and keeps your mind open, and lawd knows we need more open-minded people in this world right now.
  7. Make peace with yourself, this will give you your greatest strength.
  8. Sometimes the bad guy wins but that doesn’t make you a bad person. Dust yourself off, hug yourself, and keep going.
  9. Saying goodbye is as much a part of our lives as saying hello…
  10. Time is what you make it.

Well this Wisdom about gave me leaky eyes remembering how I learned/earned all of this. I’m grateful to the Creator for letting me be here another day, another year and here’s to seeing what the next chapter of my life takes me, and remember:

“Be Courageous in Heart and Spirit.” – Me

Birthday Wisdom

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