I Story Because

Accolades is a funny thing when you are not seeking it. It can suck the joy right out of what you love doing (experience talking here). I loved facilitating digital storytelling workshops or story workshops. Loved it. I loved combining story with our arts – I was in love with all the stories that came to be ❤️ Then my job expected me to do it with my work constantly – I do mean constantly. Then people wanted me to come speak, teach, inspire! This became too much for me and I stopped storying and took a break… My love of story was being directed by others instead of by my love of story and community.

I story because I love it. I story because I believe people deserve to be heard. I story because it honors my culture. I story because it feels right. This is why I story and I just need to start storying again 💕
#storyemancipation #stopbeingagoofball

p.s. This comic hit a nerve this morning…

All image rights reserved to Grant Snider of Incidental Comics: http://www.incidentalcomics.com/

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