As the Roses Age

As the Roses Age

Storytelling comes in many shapes, forms, and sizes, such as parables, poems, short stories, etc., and I have the honor of being friends with one of our respected Tribal Storyteller, Leader, and Culture Bearer, Wilson Justin. He doesn’t call himself these things but many of us think of him in these ways.

One time a long time ago, he was sharing a story that had an important observation about our healthcare and the struggles to access for our People who live in our rural communities. After he was done sharing, I said that his words were like getting hit upside the head with a hammer that is wrapped inside a pillow. His words continue to inspire, and continue to have us stop and think – he honors us with his gift of story, and his observations of life. Nowadays, when his stories, poems, and observations inspire me, and I now like to wrap them within an image ♥

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