Welcome and Gunalchéesh, thank you stopping by.  Alaskan Storyteller is a training business that specializes in digital storytelling and instructional design with a focus on health, education, and cultural preservation with Indigenous communities.

We are committed to the traditional arts, storytelling, and using storytelling with technology to share information, knowledge, and education.

Laura Revels, Tlingit, and Owner of Alaskan Storyteller, is a cancer educator, storyteller trainer and an instructional designer, who has been involved with Tribal Health for over 17 years. She has been facilitating digital storytelling, storytelling, cross-cultural communications, and social media training for over 10 years, predominantly with Indigenous communities. She has been passionate about how education and information is shared with the Alaska Native People, and it is this passion that got her involved with Tribal health. She started by providing web and graphic design services to develop health education materials and then moved on to providing in-person trainings on how to communicate health and wellness messages within Tribal communities.

In 2009 two digital storytelling trainers came to Alaska to conduct a digital storytelling workshop and it was such a powerful experience for Laura! She knew right then that digital storytelling was what she was looking for to help others to share their stories! Over the past ten years, many diverse communities have been trained in digital storytelling, storytelling, and media literacy.

Since 2014, Alaskan Storyteller has expanded their services to include developing online classes that incorporates the many digital stories that have been gathered throughout the years. It is our philosophy that online learning also follows a story format, and that it needs to be interactive in order to engage the learner in the learning process.

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